Top Three Most Collectible Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Stubs

While many Pittsburgh Steelers fans view footballs, uniforms, and other memorabilia from classic games as must-have collectibles, many more see the special value inherent in Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stubs. If you’re thinking of building a collection, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the top five most collectible Pittsburgh Steelers tickets stubs from classic games throughout the team’s history.

3. Steelers vs. Packers: Dec. 20, 2009

After a short losing stretch similar to the one plaguing the Steelers this year, Pittsburgh was set to face off against the Packers in one of the now favorite games ever played at Heinz Field. The game ended exactly as it started, with a Roethlisberger/Wallace connection that turned an already unpredictable game into a legendary showdown between two quarterbacks at the height of their careers. The Steelers won on a miracle play with the game clock ticking down to zero, and went on to win Super Bowl XLIII.

2. 1978 AFC Championship

Ultimately the third AFC Championship win for the Steelers in five years, this pre-Roethlisberger offensive display against Houston exemplifies the impact of the weather on football. Today, Pittsburgh Steelers tickets from this iconic game are one of the most collectible sports items. Pouring rain contributed to 14 fumbles throughout the game. The Steelers looked right at home against the struggling Houston squad, logging 287 yards to their 54 in the first half alone. They won the game 34-5.

1. AFC Divisional Playoff: Oakland Raiders Dec. 23, 1972

If you can get your hands on one Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stub, the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff game should be your first choice. This legendary game featured what many have called the greatest play in NFL history, the “Immaculate Reception” from Terry Bradshaw to John Fuqua, but ultimately caught and brought into the endzone by rookie Franco Harris. The Steelers went on to win the game 13-7 and end a long stretch of struggling play. To this day, no play encourages more debate and speculation, and few Pittsburgh Steelers tickets stubs demand a higher price.