Steelers Victory Uncertain in Weekend Giants Matchup

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won their last two meetings this year to finally move above the .500 mark and capture the second place slot in the AFC North. Roethlisberger is on fire with 14 touchdowns and a 66.8 pass completion rating, and Jonathan Dwyer is over 100 yards rushing in the past two games, prompting some to question whether Dwyer should be the new starter with Mendenhall still nursing an injuries. Isaac Redman, however, should return on Sunday to play the Giants, hopefully adding depth to the Steelers’ offensive strategies.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Steelers heading into their Sunday meeting with the Giants is their injury issues, which leaves the team short Marcus Gilbert and Troy Polamalu, in addition to still not being able to clear Mendenhall for play. Meanwhile, the New York Giants are coming off an exciting win over the Dallas Cowboys to gain control of the East. While Manning may not be having the year that Big Ben is, he’s certainly not far behind and will be looking to show a New York crowd which quarterback will be the first to fold up this season.

One of the big concerns for Pittsburgh fans heading into Sunday’s game is the play style of the Giants this year, which seemingly exploits every weakness that has plagued the Steelers this year — Pittsburgh still struggles in the pass rush and is vulnerable in the secondary. But Pittsburgh Steelers tickets will continue to sell well this year, despite struggles that could prevent the Steelers from reaching the postseason, instead sentencing this year to become known as a “building year.” In order to shut down the Giants on Sunday and continue their recent success, the Steelers will need to not only shut down Andre Brown and David Wilson on the rush, but also crash through the Giant’s defense, which has averaged just 20.1 points a game this year.