Steelers Hoping End to Officials Lockout Will Be Return to “Normalcy”

While the Steelers haven’t been victim to a game-changing blown call like the one in Monday night’s game between the Packers and Seahawks, the defense has had reason to be slightly annoyed with the official temps. One pass interference call during the Steelers’ game against the Jets seemed unfair, but didn’t have a significant impact on Pittsburgh’s eventual 27-10 victory. Yet it can’t be long before the Steelers’ comeback from a slow beginning is halted by a controversial ruling, and the team just wants to return to “normalcy,” according to Pennsylvania’s Observer Report. Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, however, will soon give fans a fairly officiated game.

After Monday’s game, the rapid end to the lockout is inevitable. But attention is not turned so much to the new officials that lacked the experience to make crucial calls, or even the officials currently sitting out of this year’s games, but the NFL itself. Fans are not reacting kindly to the league’s stance in the lockout, and has forced the NFL come to terms with some of the officials’ demands.

Fortunately for the Steelers, their upcoming bye week gives them a much needed break and plenty of time for the old officials to return for their next game against the Eagles. Even Thursday night’s game between the Ravens and Browns will have the old officials back on the field. Replacement officials struggled to maintain control over this year’s first several football games, and didn’t command the respect necessary from team coaches and staff like the seasoned officials fans have often taken for granted. Despite doing their best, replacements just lacked the experience necessary to survive in today’s fast-paced NFL. With the lockout over, the Pittsburgh Steelers can look forward to their attempt at a comeback in next Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.