Pittsburgh Steelers Crush Washington Redskins With Sharp Passes, Defensive Mastery

The throwback bumble bee uniforms weren’t the only thing to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers squad yesterday — the seemingly absent “Steel Curtain” this season returned bright and shiny to completely shut down Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. The young Redskins QB was held to a mere 177 yards and a single touchdown, whole Roethlisberger continued his dominance with 222 yards and three touchdowns. When the dust settled, the Steelers had secured a seemingly effortless 27-12 victory that showcased the Pittsburgh defense fans have come to expect. Pittsburgh’s Jonathan Dwyer helped the Steelers on the run with a total of 107 yards in only his second NFL start while Heath Miller logged his sixth touchdown after catching four passes from Big Ben for a total of 46 yards.

The Steelers knew that the Redskins were a rushing team before they even met them on Sunday; Washington was the top rushing team in the league heading into the game. Pittsburgh defenders began closing in on Griffin from the very first play and never let up. An early 10-point Steelers lead and constant pressure helped force Griffin into risky passes when the rush failed. But Redskins receivers couldn’t handle the pressure of playing from behind and dropped ten passes during the game, although the wind and rain was also a challenge for both teams.

Yesterday’s much-needed win gives the Steelers a 4-3 record for the season, and proves that the Steelers are determined to extend the 2012-13 season into the playoffs. But the Steelers face a tough challenge against the New York Giants next Sunday. Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are available for this and all other games during the 2012-13 NFL season.