Steelers Fall Just Short in PreSeason Opener Against Eagles

Alex Henery was the Eagle’s hero last night as his 51-yard field goal soared through the uprights and lifted the Eagles to a 24-23 victory over the Steelers in the teams’ preseason opener. With only 1:57 left in the game, Trent Edwards led the Eagles on an 11-play drive to get within field goal range and set up Henery’s kick. With only 12 seconds left on the clock, the Eagles grabbed their victory.

The same crowd that chanted for Andy Reid’s dismissal last year after a crushing loss to the Patriots was supportive of the Eagles during this game, as their coach Andy Reid only learned two days ago that his son had been found dead in his dorm room at Lehigh University. Reid took the field to chants of “Andy! Andy! Andy!” from the supportive crowd.

Despite the loss, there’s little reason to worry about the Steelers so far this year. Ben Roethlisberger only threw one series for the Steelers during the game, but converted easily on a 16-play scoring drive. Taking the reins for Big Ben was rookie Nick Foles, who converted two long touchdown passes to put the Steelers on the board in the third quarter.

But Michael Vick’s performance should cause some sleepless nights for Eagles fans. Vick was sent to the bench after he failed to make anything happen on offense (three and out in both of his drives). Vick also suffered two near-injuries after banging his thumb on Jason Kelce’s helmet, and hurting himself during his final throw. According to Vick, the X-rays came back negative and he should practice on Saturday.

The Steelers next take on the Indianapolis Colts on August 19th at 8:00 PM ET. The Steelers will host the Colts at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are still available for the 8/19 game in Pittsburgh.

The Steel Curtain

The Steel Curtain

The steel curtain is a recognized term throughout the NFL community and for good reason, it was the defense that changed the game forever. Now there is a new steel curtain and it is just as devastating to rivaling offenses. The Steelers have gained stardom and prowess that has never been seen in the NFL. The multiple times super bowl champions have so many rings they need two hands. To see a Steelers game is to witness one of the most dominating teams of the last decade of footbal

To see Tomlin command his steel army is a thing of beauty. To see Tomlin command his steel army in person is other worldly. Watching the mastermind at work on the field being in the stands just mere yards behind in cheering for the home team is to be in a realm of fantasy. Having the Steelers seemingly to read the mind of a young quarterback and be in the backfield taking off his head is a sight to see in real life. Having the wind in your face as big Ben takes the team to the end zone for the final scoring drive is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Not only is a Steelers game a life changing opportunity to attend due to the Steelers uncanny ability to captivate the imagination of professional sports, it is a wonderful family event. What better way to educate the kids about football than taking them to a game to watch some of the world’s greatest at work? The best way to show the kids how the game should be played is the have the best in the business as the demo. The Steelers sure do not disappoint in the area of being some of the best that the game has to offer. To be at the game watching them go to work is a sight to see with the flawless execution. Having the experience of watching a Steelers game live in the stand with family or friends is really a priceless experience.

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Not Missing a Beat

Not Missing a Beat

The Steelers have been here before, an early exit from the NFL playoffs after a strong regular season.  Pittsburgh finished last year with a 12-4 record in the regular season and before you could say “Tebow” it was over.  However, the most successful franchise in NFL history will not be discouraged.

Two-time Super bowl champion Ben Roethlisberger will be once again under center to lead a Pittsburgh offense that has asserted itself through the passing attack.  Young receivers such as Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders, coupled with the sure handed veteran Heath Miller helped the Pittsburgh offense finish 10th in passing last season.   Rookie receiver Marquis Maze from Alabama looks to add another big play threat to Roethlisberger’s arsenal; and be sure to look out for 6 foot 8 tight end Leonard Pope in the double tight end sets this year.

A defense whose toughness is never questioned once again dominated the league last season, finishing 8th in opponent’s rushing yards and first in opponent’s passing yards.  Pro bowlers such as Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and Ryan Clark as well as great players including Lamarr Woodley, Casey Hampton, and Larry Foote made this feat possible.  New additions to the defense include Cameron Heyward who was a standout defensive end at Ohio State University and the team is currently in talks with several defensive free agents including Matt Roth who has 23.5 career sacks.

One question after last season resonating around Pittsburgh was how Rashard Mendenhall would bounce back from his torn ACL suffered in last year’s season finale.  Mendenhall had a great year racking up 928 yards and 9 touchdowns, and though his progress is still being tracked he will look to come back in a big way for the 2012 season.

Get Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

Get Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be super excited for the 2012 NFL season as they get a chance to redeem themselves. After a crushing season of 2011 which ended in losing to Tim Tebow and the Broncos, fans are going to want to get Pittsburgh Steelers tickets. The 12 and 4 record that they accumulated is only telling of the early success that the Steelers had in 2011. The 2012 season is what everyone is getting ready for. Fans will be excited for a chance to see quarterback Ben Roethlisberger get back into the swing of being a top QB. Other Steelers players also earned awards from 2011 for being pro bowlers too. 2012 will be the year to watch as this team will look to make a stronger playoff finish and hopefully make the Super Bowl again. Fans should get Pittsburgh Steelers tickets and not miss out on any of the action that the 2012 NFL season has to offer.

Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011

After a stellar 2010 NFL season that saw the team coming up just short of a Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011 look to win another AFC Championship.  One of the big question marks going into last season was how Roethlisberger would be able to handle not playing for awhile due to the suspension.  Now that he is back healthy and ready to go in 2011 the Steelers are primed for another playoff run.

When it comes to their offense in 2011 the Steelers look to build upon their wide receiver performances of a year ago with the continued improvement of Mike Wallace, who is shaping up to be a star receiver in the league.  The run game looks solid as well with Rashard Mendenhall taking up most of the work in the backfield.  One of the biggest questions going into the 2011 season is whether the offensive line can give Roethlisberger enough time to use the weapons at his disposal.  Maurkice Pouncey looks to have another solid year, and the second round draft pick Marcus Gilbert should provide some added help in this area.

The defense for the Steelers looks to be in prime shape for the 2011 season, with the team extending the contracts of most of its start players.  Cameron Heyward, the first round draft pick for the team, looks to help the front line along with Casey Hampton and Ziggy Hood.  The secondary should have an even better season with Troy Polamalu looking to repeat on his Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2010.  When you combine star players such as James Harrison and Troy Polamalu with the likes of newcomers such as Heyward one should expect it to take a little while for the defense to gel, and if the first game of the 2011 season against the Baltimore Ravens is any indicator, it make take some time.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Season

Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Season

Coming off of a disappointing 9-7 season in 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers looked to rally back in 2010.Before the season would start however there were two important events that shaped how the entire season would go.The first event involved Ben Roethlisberger.Even though charges were never presented against him, Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Roethlisberger for the first four games of the season (originally six games but then reduced) for violating the personal conduct policy of the NFL.The other event was the offseason changes that were made.Among the notables leaving the team in the offseason were Willie Parker, Joey Galloway, and Santonio Holmes.The team however was able to added great talent in Larry Foote, Antwaan Randle El, Byron Leftwich, Bryant McFadden, and Maurkice Pouncey.

In Roethlisberger’s absence over the course of the first four games of the regular season the Steelers were able to come out with a 3-1 record.In the first two weeks the team was able to barely get by the Falcons and Titans, blew away the Buccaneers, and lost in a heartbreaker to the Ravens by a field goal.All in all the team had held up well and with Roethlisberger back in the roster the team finished the season 9-3 to finish at 12-4 and make it to the playoffs.

In the 2010 AFC Playoffs the Steelers had to first get by their rival Baltimore Ravens, and were barely able to do so with a touchdown run by Rashard Mendenhall in the fourth quarter.In the AFC Championship game the Steelers faced off against the New York Jets and dominated through most of the game with their potent defense.Even with a last ditch effort during the final quarter by Sanchez, the Steelers were able to make it to the Super Bowl for their eighth time.In Super Bowl XLV started off poorly, with the defense allowing two easy touchdowns in the first quarter.A great effort by Roethlisberger could not help the Steelers overcome the Packers as they lost the game 31 to 25.And thus ended the 2010 NFL season for the Pittsburgh Steelers; a great season overall, but one that came up just short.
Heinz Field

Heinz Field

Heinz Field is considered as one of the most fan-friendly stadiums in all of the NFL, and was constructed in 2001. The stadium capacity for football games is currently at just over 65,000, although there are future plans in the mix to increase the seating capacity by another few thousand.  The total cost of the stadium was $281 million, and it was actually built during the same time as PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates of MLB).  Much of the stadium is built with steel (approximately 12,000 tons) to coincide with what the city of Pittsburgh is most known for.

When it comes to the overall atmosphere at Heinz Field both before and during a game, one will find it to be well above their expectations.  Steelers tickets are very hard to come by these days because of not only the great Venue in Heinz Field, but also due to the success and history of the team.  In fact, the season ticket waiting list has been backed up for years, with the team selling out every game since 1972.  The fans at Heinz Field are always intense and are very knowledgeable about the team and what is going on.  When it comes to food, there are nearly 50 concession stands available throughout the stadium, and the prices are about what one would expect to pay at a professional sporting venue.  Also, there are many bathrooms available is those nachos seem to get the best of you.

As far as features, one of the more unique ones that a football fan will find in a stadium is the Coca Cola Great Hall.  At over 40,000 square feet the Great Hall features a great variety of memorabilia from both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Panthers (the stadium is shared by both the NFL and college football team in the area).  Included among the memorabilia are Super Bowl trophies, game used lockers, and murals of players, along with a lot of other great items.

Best Offensive Pittsburgh Steelers Players of All Time

Best Offensive Pittsburgh Steelers Players of All Time

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the oldest and most successful franchises in all of the National Football League with 6 Super Bowls out of eight total appearances.  The Steelers most recently won the Super Bowl in 2009 and have been highly competitive since.  With such a successful team through the years it can be extremely difficult trying to come up with a list of the best Pittsburgh Steelers players of all time.  Therefore, this article will only cover offensive players while another article will cover defensive players.  On to the players!

Lynn Swann
Lynn Swann is most remembered in the eyes of most Pittsburgh Steelers fans for his great performances in many playoff games.  Swann competed in a total of four Super Bowls and played fantastic in all of them, even earning an MVP award for his performance in Super Bowl X with 161 yards of offense and a touchdown.

Terry Bradshaw
Bradshaw is considered as one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game of football, so it was a no-brainer including him in this list.  He won four Super Bowls over the course of his career with the Steelers along with two MVP awards.

Ben Roethlisberger
While it may seem as a stretch for some to include Roethlisberger on the list, his accomplishments thus far have been impressive to say the least.  He is one of the most clutch players in the modern game today and is nearly impossible to bring down.  Couple his athletic ability with three Super Bowl appearances before the age of 30, and one will find Ben deserving of being on the list before his career is said and done.

John Stallworth
Stallworth was one of Bradshaw’s go-to wide receivers during the Steelers’ dominance of the 1970s.  With nearly 9,000 yards and 63 touchdown catches during his career with the team, Stallworth came up big for the franchise on numerous playoff occasions, notably Super Bowl XIII.

Jerome Bettis
One simply cannot compile a list of best offensive Pittsburgh Steelers players without including “The Bus.”  His 13,662 rushing yards is ranked fifth on the all-time rushing list, and his dominant performance during the 2005 NFL season helped to catapult the Steelers to their fifth Super Bowl.

Best Defensive Pittsburgh Steelers Players of All Time

Best Defensive Pittsburgh Steelers Players of All Time

The Pittsburgh Steelers have certainly had many fantastic players through their franchise’s history, whether one considers either the offensive side or the defensive side.  However, the Steelers have been known historically as being a tremendous defensive team.  In fact, their defensive teams through the years have been so good that it is difficult trying to pick who to include in this article’s list.  What follows are just a few of many Steelers greats to have played defense.


Troy Polamalu
Since being drafted in 2003 by the Steelers Polamalu has shown time and time again that he deserves to be on the Steelers list of all time best defenders.  Troy has been nominated to the All-Pro First team a total of three times in his short career, along with six Pro Bowl Appearances and a Defensive Player of the Year award in 2010.  Polamalu is certainly one of the Steelers’ all time greats at the safety position, and he should pad his resume a bit more in the coming years.

Joey Porter
Joey Porter played for the Steelers from 1999 to 2006 and was dominant during his time with the team.  He has made the Pro Bowl and All Pro teams four times in his career to this point, with three of each coming during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Porter was dominant in the Steelers 2005 season with a career-high 10.5 sacks, cementing his status as one of Pittsburgh’s all time greatest defensive players.

Jack Ham
When it comes to linebackers, very few if any can surpass the career to that of Jack Ham.  Ham played alongside Mean Joe Greene during the Steelers four Super Bowls throughout the 1970s, and had a total of eight Pro Bowl selections and six First Team All Pro selections in just over ten years of playing.

Joe Greene
Most notably named “Mean Joe Greene,” Greene played for the Steelers from 1969 to 1981 and played a crucial role in the Steelers dominance of the 1970s, in which the team won four Super Bowls.  His 10 Pro Bowl selections as a defensive tackle along with 8 All Pro selections doesn’t even begin to describe how great Greene was on defense for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He is considered as one of the most important players in Steelers history, and for good reason.