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Steelers Victory Uncertain in Weekend Giants Matchup

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won their last two meetings this year to finally move above the .500 mark and capture the second place slot in the AFC North. Roethlisberger is on fire with 14 touchdowns and a 66.8 pass completion rating, and Jonathan Dwyer is over 100 yards rushing in the past two games, prompting some to question whether Dwyer should be the new starter with Mendenhall still nursing an injuries. Isaac Redman, however, should return on Sunday to play the Giants, hopefully adding depth to the Steelers’ offensive strategies.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Steelers heading into their Sunday meeting with the Giants is their injury issues, which leaves the team short Marcus Gilbert and Troy Polamalu, in addition to still not being able to clear Mendenhall for play. Meanwhile, the New York Giants are coming off an exciting win over the Dallas Cowboys to gain control of the East. While Manning may not be having the year that Big Ben is, he’s certainly not far behind and will be looking to show a New York crowd which quarterback will be the first to fold up this season.

One of the big concerns for Pittsburgh fans heading into Sunday’s game is the play style of the Giants this year, which seemingly exploits every weakness that has plagued the Steelers this year — Pittsburgh still struggles in the pass rush and is vulnerable in the secondary. But Pittsburgh Steelers tickets will continue to sell well this year, despite struggles that could prevent the Steelers from reaching the postseason, instead sentencing this year to become known as a “building year.” In order to shut down the Giants on Sunday and continue their recent success, the Steelers will need to not only shut down Andre Brown and David Wilson on the rush, but also crash through the Giant’s defense, which has averaged just 20.1 points a game this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers Crush Washington Redskins With Sharp Passes, Defensive Mastery

The throwback bumble bee uniforms weren’t the only thing to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers squad yesterday — the seemingly absent “Steel Curtain” this season returned bright and shiny to completely shut down Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. The young Redskins QB was held to a mere 177 yards and a single touchdown, whole Roethlisberger continued his dominance with 222 yards and three touchdowns. When the dust settled, the Steelers had secured a seemingly effortless 27-12 victory that showcased the Pittsburgh defense fans have come to expect. Pittsburgh’s Jonathan Dwyer helped the Steelers on the run with a total of 107 yards in only his second NFL start while Heath Miller logged his sixth touchdown after catching four passes from Big Ben for a total of 46 yards.

The Steelers knew that the Redskins were a rushing team before they even met them on Sunday; Washington was the top rushing team in the league heading into the game. Pittsburgh defenders began closing in on Griffin from the very first play and never let up. An early 10-point Steelers lead and constant pressure helped force Griffin into risky passes when the rush failed. But Redskins receivers couldn’t handle the pressure of playing from behind and dropped ten passes during the game, although the wind and rain was also a challenge for both teams.

Yesterday’s much-needed win gives the Steelers a 4-3 record for the season, and proves that the Steelers are determined to extend the 2012-13 season into the playoffs. But the Steelers face a tough challenge against the New York Giants next Sunday. Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are available for this and all other games during the 2012-13 NFL season.

Top Three Most Collectible Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Stubs

While many Pittsburgh Steelers fans view footballs, uniforms, and other memorabilia from classic games as must-have collectibles, many more see the special value inherent in Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stubs. If you’re thinking of building a collection, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the top five most collectible Pittsburgh Steelers tickets stubs from classic games throughout the team’s history.

3. Steelers vs. Packers: Dec. 20, 2009

After a short losing stretch similar to the one plaguing the Steelers this year, Pittsburgh was set to face off against the Packers in one of the now favorite games ever played at Heinz Field. The game ended exactly as it started, with a Roethlisberger/Wallace connection that turned an already unpredictable game into a legendary showdown between two quarterbacks at the height of their careers. The Steelers won on a miracle play with the game clock ticking down to zero, and went on to win Super Bowl XLIII.

2. 1978 AFC Championship

Ultimately the third AFC Championship win for the Steelers in five years, this pre-Roethlisberger offensive display against Houston exemplifies the impact of the weather on football. Today, Pittsburgh Steelers tickets from this iconic game are one of the most collectible sports items. Pouring rain contributed to 14 fumbles throughout the game. The Steelers looked right at home against the struggling Houston squad, logging 287 yards to their 54 in the first half alone. They won the game 34-5.

1. AFC Divisional Playoff: Oakland Raiders Dec. 23, 1972

If you can get your hands on one Pittsburgh Steelers ticket stub, the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff game should be your first choice. This legendary game featured what many have called the greatest play in NFL history, the “Immaculate Reception” from Terry Bradshaw to John Fuqua, but ultimately caught and brought into the endzone by rookie Franco Harris. The Steelers went on to win the game 13-7 and end a long stretch of struggling play. To this day, no play encourages more debate and speculation, and few Pittsburgh Steelers tickets stubs demand a higher price.

Steelers Gearing Up For Cincinnati Visit Facing Significant Defensive Obstacles

Steelers Gearing Up For Cincinnati Visit Facing Significant Defensive Obstacles

Two seasons before his last, Bill Cowher led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 2-6 start in 2006, only a season after the team won the league title. During Mike Tomlin’s first five seasons in Pittsburgh, the coach led the team to at least a 6-2 start. In the meantime, Tomlin also led teams to the postseason eight out of his past eleven years coaching while also capturing two championships. Adding insult to injury, the Steelers have blown fourth-quarter leads in all three of their losses this season. So what’s the problem with the 2012 Steelers squad? Most fans that buy Pittsburgh Steelers tickets recognize that five or six losses in a season all but makes a postseason impossible.

It’s nowhere near time to jump ship, however, despite becoming dangerously close to pounding on the panic button. The Bengals have lost their last four meetings with Pittsburgh. And the Bengals are also experiencing many of the same issues as the Steelers. Just last week, the Bengals gave up 21 points in the fourth quarter against Cleveland, losing the game 34-24. And while Cincinnati’s defensive genius Dick LeBeau has a nasty habit of completely dismantling young quarterbacks, Big Ben is no rookie and has never looked better than he has this year.

According to the Steelers’ Tomlin, one of the big struggles for the Steelers this year is playmaking — there aren’t enough big plays contributing to the Steelers offense or defense. That’s a bit of an understatement in regards to the terrible defense showcased by Pittsburgh this year, but it’s far from the whole story. In addition to continuing injury difficulties (even placing recent standout Isaac Redman in doubt for the Cincinnati game), the Steelers must lock down the late game and stop teams from making remarkable comebacks in the fourth quarter. This means tightening up the defense, but also requires a consistent effort on the offense’s part to keep opposing teams from building momentum. The next game for the Steelers should be an easy matchup for the Pittsburgh football team we know and love, but the unpredictability of the season so far still casts doubts on the Steelers’ legitimacy as playoff contenders.

Still Hope for Steelers After Disappointing 2-3 Start?

Many parts of the Pittsburgh Steelers game plan looked pretty solid in Thursday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Ben Roethlisberger seems to continue operating on a whole new level, surpassing Terry Bradshaw in career passing yards for the Steelers in Thursday’s game, and continuing to make critical plays every game in 2012. But other parts of the Steelers, particularly the eerily gaping holes in the famous “Steel curtain” and a complete failure to make anything happen on the run have quickly found the squad fighting out of a losing season. So the question remains — can the good outride the bad? Do the Steelers still have a shot at a winning season, let alone a postseason?

In short, yes; but not without a bit of work. It’s no secret that the Steelers have to make progress on their running game, but there’s still some debate as to who needs to change for the offense to make progress. While there’s plenty of blame to spread across the field, coach Todd Haley is also worth some criticism. Many Steelers 2012 running plays lack creativity and, with the exception of gaining 125 yards against the Eagles, have failed to gain any traction this season. The defensive collapse at the end of Thursday’s game also exposed some gaping holes that need to be filled on the Steelers defense.

Heath Miller may not have caught a touchdown pass in the past two games, but he has already doubled his touchdown receptions this season from last year. Despite missing a 54-yarder on Thursday, Shaun Shuisham is also 11-12 this year, a solid start for a kicker that fans wanted axed not too long ago. A win against the Bengals on Sunday would renew the Steelers’ hopes for a postseason, and fans can get Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for this and all other games this season at

Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat Eagles in 16-14 Showdown

Any fan that walked into Heinz Field yesterday afternoon knew one thing — this game mattered. Facing a must-win scenario and a team still flying high after slaying their bitter rival, the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers knew they would have a challenge ahead of them in the Philadelphia Eagles. And as it turns out, they were right. After a scoreless first quarter, the Steelers drew first blood courtesy of a 13 yard run by Rashard Mendenhall (fresh off the injured list) in the second. Shaun Suisham soon added a field goal to give the Steelers a 10-0 lead. But Michael Vick and the Eagles answered back in the third quarter. Another touchdown for the Eagles couldn’t match a pair of field goals from Suisham, giving him a total of three on the day, and the Eagles said goodbye to their strong 3-1 start.

But the uneasiness that Pittsburgh Steelers tickets seemed stamped with on Sunday didn’t altogether evaporate following the crucial win. With the final points coming off a nearly last-second field goal by Suisham, the Steelers still have vast improvements they can make to improve on their now 2-2 record. On the other hand, the Steelers defense looked tight on Sunday, forcing three fumbles in the first two quarters, something they haven’t managed to do since November 2010. In the meantime, the scoreless first quarter for the Eagles was the second the team has faced this season, and both resulted in losses.

Another aspect of the Steelers game that looks ready to get back to dominating is their running game, courtesy Rashard Mendenhall. After the game, Ben Roethlisberger had choice words to describe Mendenhall’s return — “Our savior is back.” Mendenhall, Roethlisberger, and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping that there are still some miracles left for their next game against Tennessee Titans at LP Field on Thursday, October 11th.

Rashard Mendenhall Set To Return to Pittsburgh Steelers Starting Lineup

Anyone that has watched a Steelers game this year probably noticed at least one issue with the Pittsburgh squad — their running game has been a little off. The Pittsburgh Steelers averaged only about 65 rushing yards per game during their first three outings, which leaves them second to last in the league in rushing (the Raiders are worse). Coach Mike Tomlin hasn’t had any definite answers on how he plans to lift the Steelers’ running game out of their slump, but hopefully Rashard Mendenhall’s return will be all Pittsburgh needs.

But Pittsburgh Steelers tickets won’t give fans a chance to see Mendenhall consistently rip off 100-yard rushing games; the Steelers are quite simply a different kind of team this year. Roethlisberger is currently on fire, and the Steelers are capitalizing on plenty of chances to convert on third and fourth downs. While the addition of Mendenhall should give the Steelers more offensive options and turn their running game from terrible to acceptable, it won’t result in significant changes to the Steelers’ playbook.

Heading into week five, the Pittsburgh Steelers will bank on their bye week giving them the rest they need to get their battered troops back on the field. Not only is Mendenhall set to return before the weekend, but the Steelers will also regain Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and Casey Hampton. If Big Ben can keep playing aggressively while making good decisions down the field, the Steelers have a real shot at putting their disappointing 1-2 start to bed. The Pittsburgh Steelers next face off against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday October, 7 at Heinz Field. The Steelers will then travel to Tennessee on October 11 to play the Tennessee Titans.

Steelers Hoping End to Officials Lockout Will Be Return to “Normalcy”

While the Steelers haven’t been victim to a game-changing blown call like the one in Monday night’s game between the Packers and Seahawks, the defense has had reason to be slightly annoyed with the official temps. One pass interference call during the Steelers’ game against the Jets seemed unfair, but didn’t have a significant impact on Pittsburgh’s eventual 27-10 victory. Yet it can’t be long before the Steelers’ comeback from a slow beginning is halted by a controversial ruling, and the team just wants to return to “normalcy,” according to Pennsylvania’s Observer Report. Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, however, will soon give fans a fairly officiated game.

After Monday’s game, the rapid end to the lockout is inevitable. But attention is not turned so much to the new officials that lacked the experience to make crucial calls, or even the officials currently sitting out of this year’s games, but the NFL itself. Fans are not reacting kindly to the league’s stance in the lockout, and has forced the NFL come to terms with some of the officials’ demands.

Fortunately for the Steelers, their upcoming bye week gives them a much needed break and plenty of time for the old officials to return for their next game against the Eagles. Even Thursday night’s game between the Ravens and Browns will have the old officials back on the field. Replacement officials struggled to maintain control over this year’s first several football games, and didn’t command the respect necessary from team coaches and staff like the seasoned officials fans have often taken for granted. Despite doing their best, replacements just lacked the experience necessary to survive in today’s fast-paced NFL. With the lockout over, the Pittsburgh Steelers can look forward to their attempt at a comeback in next Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

3 Things The Steelers Need to Improve During the Bye Week

With a running game that’s off to the worst start since 1950 and a 1-2 record, it’s not difficult to find areas of improvement for the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the most widely anticipated problems for the Steelers this season – whether new offensive coordinator Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger would sync – turned out to be no problem at all. Roethlisberger currently ranks second among QBs in the NFL, has a 68 percent pass completion rate, and leads the NFL with eight touchdowns.

So what’s with the losing start? There are three things that the Steelers should improve in the bye week before Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are sold out for the team’s week four matchup against the Eagles.

1. Make vast improvements in the running game

No Steelers running back has surpassed 50 rushing yards in a game. In fact, Isaac Redman currently holds the season’s longest run at 13 yards. Without Rashard Mendenhall, Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer haven’t been able to boost the running game. It seems that the Steelers’ hopes for rescuing their running game will lie on Mendenhall’s possible return to the field in week four.

2. Lock the opposing QB up with some pressure

While Mark Sanchez felt a little heat from Steelers defensemen in their week two loss to the Steelers, Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer enjoyed the cool lack of almost any pressure from the Steelers defense, and that has to change. Roethlisberger’s stellar play, if it continues, can make up for the occasional running game hiccup, but not if the opposing Qb has all the time in the world to toss for 250+ yards.

3. Invest in the Cornerback position

Cortez Allen, Keenan Lewis, and Ike Taylor are not making it happen for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the cornerback position is going to need some serious attention if the Steelers hope to repair their ailing defense. Only Curtis Brown, who failed to impress in the preseason, waits in the wings.

With a stellar passing game and hope for the running game, the Steelers certainly have a shot at coming back from the bye week break a new team. Mendenhall’s return may not immediately resurrect run plays, but it will certainly help and Big Ben is proving why he’s still one of the best QBs in the league.